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Exclusive Sale: Newmarket downtown mansion

Exclusive Sale: Newmarket downtown mansion

Newmarket as the administrative center of York District, because of its outstanding community and cultural environment, in 190 Canadian cities was ranked 13th, and has been reelected three times as one of Canada's Top 25 most suitable for living. As the smallest municipality in GTA, it remains a closely integrated community that meets the needs of commercial, residential and recreational. So more and more people choose to live here and invest in business.

Exclusive Sale: this Newmarket downtown mansion, is located on a high ground, covering 20,000 sq. Its overall design is beautiful classic noble European style, with luxury details. It is a very famous local residential landmark. Above the ground, there is nearly 5000 sq living area, with a total of five bedrooms, of which three are suites. The main floor lays out the living room, office, and kitchen with a total of nearly 3000 sq. The kitchen is the perfect combination of classic and modern decoration elements, with top brand electrical appliances. The custom design sun room takes your breath away with a perfectly circular dome with a panoramic surrounding glass windows, enjoying the beauty of the backyard all year round: European garden, natural stone arch, and Bermuda gate.

Price: 2.19 million

A lot of newly weds take photography here, attracted by the beauty of the house.

The appearance of this mansion preserves the historic beauty, but its internal is also constantly upgraded and maintained with the time, including green energy, automation upgrades, basement, roof, kitchen, and so on.

If you want to enjoy the ease of town life, this house is absolutely preferred: there are four parks around, within a few minutes of walking to reach. 5 minutes walk to the downtown business district, embracing the town characteristics of cafes, bars, restaurants, and shops. If you want to go to Toronto, take a 10-minute walk to Go Train Station. Drive 10 minutes, and you can be on the 404 Highway.

How much do you know about Newmarket? Although a bit far from the central metropolitan area, the transportation of this city is quite convenient: on Highway 404 there are two entrances and exits for Newmarket; under normal circumstances, it only takes 30 minutes to reach the center of Toronto, and just over 10 minutes for North York. At the same time, the Highway 400 and Highway 9 also have an entrance, connecting all directions. For those who do not love driving, Newmarket has well-developed public transport system connecting Toronto downtown by Go Train only one hour away. Newmarket's main streets have also been covered by VIVA bus service, connecting with the North York subway line. Although it is the smallest municipality, it remains as a tightly integrated community that meets the needs of commercial, residential and entertainment. For example, Magna Center built in 2007 has an entertainment center, including a large theater, an Olympic scale and three national scale hockey ice rinks, swimming pools, gyms and other facilities.

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